Although they both were dark in colour, I was attracted towards them. I first thought of having Krishna Aunty as she was very jovial and also interacted with me well but Mayuri Aunty was too shy and remained with the rest of the ladies of their family. She also reciprocated to my moves and soon we were on the bed,kissing and hugging each other. We both got naked and she immediately got hold of my cock and began to jack it. She laughed and said-You naughty boy and began to suck my cock.

As the ceremony was to last two days, I thought I should nail Krishna Aunty anyhow by tonight. I was feeling great by her sucking and in quick time, I exploded in her mouth and she began to swallow my load.

Thinking of nailing her made my cock hard and I went to the bathroom and closed the door. As I finished and was going to take my cock out of her mouth,suddenly,the somebody entered the room and switched on the lights.

We three were enjoying the action and both Aunties came again. She said-Be gentle baby,its my first time and your cock is so big. She was on her fours and I licked her asshole few times and spitted on it.

Then I asked her to lick Mayrui Aunty’s pussy so that her cries wont be heard.

The bride was a daughter of my mother’s relation and I had to go to my mother’s native place and stayed there for sometime. At mid night, I heard a small knock and I opened the door to welcome Aunty in.

Both the Aunties were in the barat and also stayed there. When inside, I hugged Aunty hard and began to press my lips to her.

We three moved in unison and suddenly I began to poke my nose inside Krishna Aunty’s ass.

She understood the point and opened her asscheeks for me with her hands and I began to tongue her pussy and asshole simulataneously.

Aunty said-Enjoying myself Mayuri,why don’t you join too? Mauryi Aunty was hesitant to be naked but Krishna Aunty helped her and she was soon naked. Soon I was on Mayuri Aunty’s pussy and began to lick her.

You always said that your husband don’t give enough pleasure to you and see how big cock this boy has got? Mayuri Aunty first stood there some seconds speechless and said-But didi,if anyone knew about this? I also began pushing two fingers into the pussy of Krishna Aunty and started to finger fuck her too.

Since she was newly married,her pussy was tight but I kept on pressing till I had my cock half-buried inside it.

Then suddenly, Krishna Aunty got up and knelt infornt of me and over the body of Mayuri Aunty and said-Lets all go at a time.

That night I fucked them both again as Mayrui Aunty didn’t wanted to get her ass fucked, I fucked her again in her pussy and also Krishna Aunty in her pussy too.