I was so shocked I couldn't believe it at first and thought maybe he was just curious and didn't intend to meet anyone.

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it seems very unreasonable of him to deny you a friendship with this man you met on the internet and of course very hypocritical to say the least.

looks like he wants to keep his family and married life together but have the freedom to explore his sexuality as well, have his cake and eat it!

I will NOT be having sex with him anymore, I'm pretty much dead inside and want to confront him sooner rather than later. Don't really know what evidence you think you need unless you plan on using it for a devoice.

it looks like he's pretty obsessed with Gay sex and is prepared to lie to you and to deceive you in order to carry on with his obsession.

might want him out of the house and out of your life but some couples opt for redefining their relationship as they find it suits them better by living under the same roof but living their own lives.

if you want a divorce then i don't know what evidence you need although his internet history and correspondence might help and catching him in the act would seal it.

I became very suspicious and miserable, and started going on chat sites myself, I felt so lonely.

I couldn't talk to anyone about what was happening with me.

you'll have to confront him as he's obviously ok with keeping quiet about it.

i think you have to decide what you want and where you see yourself going.

In July last year I met a man on a chat site - we chatted every day and became friends, we liked the same things, same sense of humour and tbh it was like a breath of fresh air.