No bra that I could see, and, I assumed, no panties either. " I replied, with more than a little bitterness, "Again?

And I was like, "My life was never horrible, it was just different".

So that made him want to do a song about it.' The matriarch went on to explain: 'I don’t hide who I am…

She staggered a little, into the house's living room, smelling strongly of booze, sweat and spilled semen.

Her hair was frizzled, with sticky, partially dried cum appearing in several places on her head and more on her well-displayed tits, one of which was half-out and the other, fully exposed: both were covered with love-sucks and her nipples on display were large, dark and distended, appearing well sucked, too.

Her sheath dress was on backwards, the tag showing in the front instead of hidden in the back.

She had only one thigh-high net stocking, but as she staggered inside, I could see she was still wearing her CFM (Come-Fuck-Me) pumps with the 4" heels.I’m tired of all the mystery,' adding 'Now it’s time for me to be live my life and be happy, be free.' That exchange inspired the 99 Problems rapper to 'want to do a song about' her struggles, eventually leading to the track Smile off his latest LP.The superstar revealed mom Gloria Carter's truth in the lyrics to the soulful track.'Mama had four kids but she's a lesbian' he rhymes with passion.Keep your 'forced sexing' to yourself, this time, if you can." That, as expected, caused even more rage and yelling, alternating with divorce-fantasy rantings about taking me for every dime I'd ever had or ever would have, leaving me naked, filthy and shivering in a cave.I just laughed, which started the grand finale, as she kicked, stamped, fell to the floor, arched her back, pounded her fists and feet. Getting my small 'bug-out' duffel bag from the hall closet, containing my lap-top computer and flash-drives, I said, "OK, goodbye" and I left.The musician also throws veiled barbs at other rappers on the album, including onetime protege Kanye West, who last year ranted against Jay-Z and in support of then president-elect Donald Trump before entering a hospital.