It took a couple of years for our wives to allow themselves to become less inhibited around others, and to be more open and adventurous about what they did with their bodies.

As for myself, I got hot thinking about the same thing April thought about.

That thought was her naked with a group of men, and then sexually enjoying them.

I have to thank (Hale) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable.

This Chapter attempts to explain the events that led to a couple of common wives lowering their inhibitions and as a result is a bit slow.

Being best friends the two of us talked about everything and anything to pass the time and no topic was forbidden.

Al's wife Amy was as different from Al as could be.

I like to leave some facts for the reader to use their imagination.

This story is of how events escalated, and eventually led the participants into a new sexual lifestyle.

We had been offered this home and acreage by my grandfather the first year of our marriage.