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She looked lovingly at her old bed with the apple-leaf spread Mrs.

Anne forgot that she was the joyful mother of five children . It's nine years since you went away, but Marilla and I can't seem to get over missing you.

There were haunted gardens here and there where bloomed all the roses of yesteryear.

Lynde had knitted and the spotless pillows trimmed with deep lace Mrs. always set their affections too much on earthly things. The Sloanes are still Sloanes, Anne, and will be for ever and ever, world without end, amen." "Let there be as many Sloanes as there will, I'm going out after supper to walk all over the old orchard by moonlight. and Marilla didn't know I did it and gave them another airing . and Millie didn't know either of us did and gave them a third. she always enjoys a funeral so." "Aunt Mary Maria .