You Tube videos by minor news channels are deleted all the time (along with the channels), CNN You Tube videos last forever, but they don't make all the news available for embedding.

Sex datings in istanbul-10

If the great Ocean is the Pacific Ocean, then the enemy will come from North Korea or China or both.

Ultimately, even Russia will get involved and then a nuclear World War III may result ...

Brunowski, German astronomer Johannes Kepler was notified and thereafter an extensive study of the star was made by him until 1606.

By October 15, after it had brightened to the luminosity of Venus, it was compared to the color of Jupiter or white by the Italian physician and by astronomer David Fabricus.

Whether this is the inspiration for the prophecies or something else is, a future "three days of darkness" that will be worldwide is a recurring prophetic theme found in Catholic dogma.

Of all prophets who explicated it best, Alois Irlmaier is among those at the top of the list.

Then there was an interval blurry and not of importance since I didn't remember any of it.

Then again just before I woke up I was shown the same black and white photo of John F.

All future text, including links, will be in If there is a method to embed news I would like to know how to do it, it would save me much needed time, but the few services I have found out there do not seem to work on these pages.