He had trouble sleeping and was diagnosed with PTSD.

The unit doctor prescribed him with Xanax and Oxycotin.

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I used my GI Bill to pay for part of my undergraduate degree and I bought a house with a VA Loan.

When I became a therapist, I found that veterans usually felt comfortable speaking to me.

In 2001, my unit was activated a few weeks after 9/11 and we were sent to guard the Hudson River crossings (Holland, Lincoln, Path and the GW) during a time of great national mourning and anxiety.

I enjoyed wearing the uniform, but wasn’t thrilled about shaving or shining my boots (my other likes and dislikes are unimportant and best kept to myself). I know that it made me more organized and more adaptable, and people that interviewed me tended to value it.

If your organization is interested in a contract with CRIS, please contact [email protected] more information.

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I offered up my services as a national expert on addiction and recovery issues and told them that I was an Army veteran.

I was told that the Army almost never employed outside trainers.

CRIS Vermilion Transit also offers general public transportation services to all residents in Vermilion County who live outside the urbanized area of Danville.

CRIS provides opportunity for contractual arrangements for service.

My student returned to NJ and quickly moved on from pills to heroin. He went to a community college and graduated with a 4.0.