Caleb sat back in the Recaro and took another drink. ” Another screen, another weird looking man with glasses. He was already semi-hard at the thought and he stood, waiting, for Aaron to match his moves.They had done this loads of times before, sometimes they got some cute girls to talk to and flirt with and once had convinced some Polish girl to show them all. Aaron took another drink before standing and matching Caleb in his beginnings of undress.Caleb had ended up with Alice under different circumstances. “See which dirty bastards have their knobs out tonight.” Caleb laughed playfully disgusted.

Another beat past, and Caleb raised his can and Aaron laughed hard and hit the escape key and moved to a different chat. Failure followed on the next few chats, and the cans were going down quicker. They looked at each other again for a second, and then Aaron said they should get down to business and he walked over to the TV and adjusted the camera so that it was pointing further down.

“Shit,” Caleb said, “at this rate we’re going to be the dirty bastards with our knobs out.” Aaron laughed and finished his can. He said it was so that their faces weren’t shown when they started. He dragged the Recaro’s closer to the TV and then looked back at Caleb. ” Caleb said, hooking his fingers into the waistband of his boxer.

He had filled her with so much of his seed that afternoon he was pretty sure he was empty for a week afterwards and had made sure she had gone on the pill.

That much seed was enough to make an entire fleet of girls pregnant and neither of them wanted a kid running around.

They wore labels; Lacoste and Fred Perry, Lyle and Scott and Ellesse, Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss and they thought they understood life and how it worked. He was led on his bed, shaft in one hand and hard to the point of pain. She was a ballet dancer and into her running and her body was amazing. Aaron had taken her virginity one afternoon when his Nana was out and it was just him and Alice hanging out on the park.

They were the perfect example of a reckless generation; sexually charged and promiscuous and good looking and careless. On the screen of his cracked i Phone, held by the other, the ten-second image of Ellie Carrier, naked from the top of her stomach down greeted him. They were flirting openly and taking pictures and nearly kissed by the swings until they were interrupted.

He had pleased her so much that night that they had become friends with benefits for a while after. “This is the fucking life.” “Second that, bro.” They downed more cans and played more Playstation and at about six took a break to order pizza. They loaded up Netflix and stuck on an Action film about a CIA agent and a Government conspiracy and ate the rest of the pizza and drunk.

She now alternated between Aaron and Caleb – it was just sex. Aaron’s Nana had left them a twenty on the sideboard in the kitchen. Drinking soon overtook the pizza and the film became background noise – another let down after a promising premise. The two boys just kind of looked at each other, the “connection lost” screen on the television keeping their tete a tete private.

A young Asian kid, probably about twelve, with glasses too big for his face, sat blinking back at them. A young girl was smiling back at them, brunette hair hanging over her left shoulder and a pretty face filling the screen. Aaron followed Caleb’s eyes, and then looked back up at him, still with his pants up.