To a grown-ass man, sex isn’t over until your orgasm announces itself like the obnoxious friend who pre-drank a little too much and shows up at your place.Your orgasm communicates to him that his job as a – considerate – man is done, and he can now climax himself.

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A Utah public official who has been accused of sexual harassment was previously investigated for spanking a high school girl when he worked as a teacher.

Greg Graves, a first-term commissioner in Utah County, worked as a teacher at Alta High School in Sandy and as part of his tenure served as an adviser to the business and marketing club, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

)Whether you clearly communicate what you like and don’t during intercourse (which is certainly beneficial for a first-time partner), a grown-ass man will know – or at least have an inkling – regardless. As I stated earlier, he’s used his previous sexual experiences to learn these things, and with this talent, wants nothing more than for you to enjoy yourself.

Some guys will need a little more communication than others, but as long as he’s considering your enjoyment in this passionate act, he can’t be all bad, right?

Passionate sex is easy to detect; it looks similar to those dimly-lit sex scenes in your favorite romance movies, except not quite because nothing is like the movies and our bodies aren’t strategically positioned for optimal lighting purposes.

Kissing is paramount to building intimacy, and a grown-ass man knows to never kiss his lady after he’s gone down on her – unless she’s into that kind of thing.

He knows how to communicate in and outside of the bedroom, so sexually speaking, he rarely does things wrong.

If you’re hoping to find yourself such a man, here are 10 ways to identify him during your sexual encounters.

He accompanied students in the club to an overnight leadership conference in 2012, sources told the newspaper.

While performing bed checks - in essence, making sure the students were in their designated hotel rooms - he apparently spanked at least one female student, sources told the Tribune.

He feeds his ego by telling you how you reacted when he did this and that, and ultimately makes you feel incredibly awkward to where you want to usher him out the door – even if it’s his own place.