Sean Hannity operates his own dating website that helps match up gays!

Of course, the stated purpose of the dating service called, HANNIDATE, is to match up like-minded conservatives; however, gays are welcomed and are meeting on his site as well, and he allows it. Hannity feels that he is expressing God's loves towards those who are without Christ; nevertheless, Christians should never take sin lightly. "vile affections" as the Word of God calls it in Romans . As Christians, we need to live above reproach, and not give the Devil's crowd any more ammunition than they already have. Any honest child knows that God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve.

The conservative judge, whose objection to homosexuality is the centerpiece of his political career, denied to Hannity having molested a 14-year-old girl in 1979. He did not, however, deny knowing three other women in the story who were above the age of consent — but many years younger than he — when Moore allegedly attempted to engage them in an intimate relationship."After my return from the military, I dated a lot of young ladies," Moore said.

In a particularly damning exchange, Hannity asked Moore if he’d had a habit of dating teenage girls.

One of Hannity’s guests, attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland, noted as much.

“We have four women who don’t know each other, four women who never met each other, one of whom admits to being a longstanding Republican," she said. ”Trump could not have watched the segment live, as he was shown arriving at a forum in Vietnam.

He will have to continue without funding from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which will no longer support his candidacy.

The exchange was remarkable because it took place on Fox News, President Trump’s favorite source of insight and information.

He later joined WVNN in Athens, Alabama, and shortly afterward, WGST in Atlanta.

In 1996, he was hired by Fox and was accompanied by Alan Colmes when he received his show Hannity & Colmes.

Republicans on Capitol Hill find themselves in more or less the same position.