Casa notes that progress is slow because most states only make a change after a tragedy.

But he stresses that the policies KSI promotes are not difficult to adopt."At least one state has adopted each individual item, and for many items, more than half of the states have the policy in place," he explains.

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We both had personal experiences with Sickle Cell and wanted an avenue to create greater awareness and support for people living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

Nkechi’s three siblings live with SCD and she knows first hand the emotional, physical, psychological and financial burden it places on families.

If these rankings can get more kids home for dinner instead of to a hospital or morgue, then we have succeeded."The institute is a sports safety research and advocacy organization located at the University of Connecticut and named after the former Vikings star who died from exertional heat stroke in 2001.

Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death for the age range.

"So this tells us it is feasible (to maximize protection).

Now we need to collectively get states to learn from their colleagues and adapt these (programs) in their own state.

While Nkechi is the founder of the organisation, Bukola works in the capacity of the President .

Because she knows how important blood is to health care delivery system in Nigeria, Bukola founded Haima Health Initiative, to support hospitals who struggle to find blood in a safe and timely way because of the absence of blood donors.

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