Hi, Since I've upgraded my MBP to OSX 10.13 (High Sierra), Sim City keeps crashing out - it's random as to how long it takes to crash out; anywhere between a couple of seconds to a minute and it's always with the error: Application Specific Information:abort() called Application Specific Signatures: Graphics kernel error: 0xfffffffb Anyone else having this issue since updating their Mac? Just an update to this, I've just applied the Supplementary update for 10.13 - In the change log it mentioned a graphics bugfix relating to crashes in Adobe (wishful thinking I know). It's a big bummer because I really enjoyed playing simcity.

Game tips scroll through at the bottom of the screen and the little "status updates" appear below where the city's name would be, but the game never goes beyond this.

Just sits there and plays the music and displays all the tips and status things (you know, the ones like "reticulating splines," etc) for hours on end if you let it. Is there a way to officially report this as a bug to the developers so they can fix it?

@aaronmurchy @loeffelmusic @Alex Gordon1989 Sorry for not being able to get back to you sooner.

I merged both threads as you are all experiencing the same issue.

It might be because my macbook pro is an older model(2013), but I don't have that option under energy saver.

Even looked up the graphics specs and only have one listed.

I can't even get the first main road down before it just closes. It's gotta be something within the high sierra update that clashes with it.

But there needs to be an update to the game if that's the case.

We are looking into the issue now and hope to have news soon.