Her condition is eventually discovered by Isshin, who gets into an argument with Ryūken, and Urahara, who claims he has a solution.

Masaki eventually came to the injured Isshin Shiba's rescue, firing at the "Black Hollow" he was facing, attracting its attention.

When she realized that the creature was too fast for her to accurately aim at, she allowed it to get in close and bite her so that she could shoot it from point-blank range.

All she could think about was how much fun they all had together, and for Ichigo to never stop smiling.

Her spirit gave Ichigo the strength to nearly kill the Hollow, forcing him to retreat.

In the physical world, Urahara proclaims that he successfully connected their souls.

After she graduated high school, Masaki moved out of the Ishida household, and Isshin opened a small clinic.

He warns Isshin and Ryūken that the process was originally developed to strengthen Shinigami and while it failed, it was not developed for a Quincy like Masaki and while he could help save her life, he could not return her to how she was before.

Isshin agrees to save her life by giving up his life as a Shinigami, the opposite of a Quincy, and become a Human, the opposite of a Hollow, thus tethering her life to his own until the Hollow left her or she passes away.

Isshin then uses Getsuga Tenshō to kill the Hollow.

With the Hollow gone, Masaki begins frantically questioning Isshin.

When Masaki started attending a university, while visiting Isshin, he told her that he lost his powers was because of a blunder that got him exiled from the Soul Society; however, she realized that he was lying to her.