But instead of being a cause of conflict, mixed diet relationships could be a good way to nudge more people towards eating less meat.

I know this sounds shallow but I'm not sure I would date a vegetarian, vegan, or even an extreme carnivore.

But I guess vegetarians have to deal with us omnivores too huh?

As you recommend her the Chef's Special - Chicken Cafreal, she tells you she is a vegetarian. Some people have religious reasons, some have been brought up in vegetarian families, some want to eat healthy and some are against animal cruelty.

It is good to try to understand the reason behind their food choices.

She eats a vegan diet while her husband, "a supportive meat eater", eats mainly vegan food at home.

What Fiona and her partner found helpful was a seminar given by a psychologist on communication in vegan-meat eater relationships."Her basic message was that the non-vegetarian needs to understand how deeply emotional the issue is for the other.If she tries to make you feel guilty for ordering a burger on your first date, tell her you respect her views but just don’t share them.If she continues to harass you, it may be an indication to bail from that relationship. A tolerant veggie will respect your carnivorous lifestyle, so long as you don’t force it down her throat, as it were."Instead, win them over with plant versions of familiar dishes such as a lentil and mushroom bolognaise.I find non-vegetarians think that tofu and beans are bland and boring, so using them in creative ways can open their eyes to what plant-based food actually is."And be grateful for baby steps. Just reducing meat intake is still beneficial – remember that they've been eating meat and dairy for their whole life and change can be difficult," she adds.Her partner of 13 years still eats meat but is happy to eat plant-based dishes most of the time and brings home meat once a week that he cooks himself."We never had a big conversation about it – it just sort of evolved.