Could my credit card number have been stored in that dusty old PC? But, these sorts of horror stories still persist today.

No wonder so many of our payment cards have been or eventually become compromised.

Jasper Studios provides ecommerce development services to omnichannel retailers both large and small and, as such, we have seen every kind of credit card storage transgression imaginable.

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An earlier internal audit revealed thousands of customer credit card numbers and other personal data had been found on their servers in unencrypted form. retail giant Target Corporation was hacked –– a staggering 40 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen from their network. Big Commerce takes care of the vast majority of the steps toward PCI compliance for any customer on our platform. Whether you run a single brick-and-mortar retail location or you are a large organization selling goods across multiple stores and ecommerce sites, anywhere that your credit card merchant account has been connected and integrated requires attention — and compliance violation means an extremely tough penalty at the hands of the payment card industry.

This data may have been compromised during the breach, although that has not been officially confirmed. If this can happen to some of the world’s largest retailers, it can certainly happen to smaller ones, too. We’re on a mission to provide businesses like yours marketing and sales tips, tricks and industry leading knowledge to build the next house-hold name brand. With an ecommerce software like Magento, a business will have to pay someone to set up servers and networking and take the steps to secure that infrastructure to get them PCI compliant. All credit card transaction volumes your organization processes are aggregated across multiple channels (i.e.

This protects against credit card data breaches and eliminates the significant cost and hassle of compliance. It’s a standard that was created by the major card brands including Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and JCB.

The credit card companies typically do not directly handle payment processing functions themselves, but rely on third party processors (such as Chase Paymentech or Moneris Solutions) to handle the transactional services.

In this guide, you’ll learn what PCI DSS is, how to achieve it for your business and how your ecommerce backend plays a large role in your required effort.

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) defines a series of specific Data Security Standards (DSS) that are relevant to all merchants who accept credit card, regardless of their revenue and annual credit card transaction volumes.

Fortunately, if you operate a Saa S-based ecommerce store and do not have any access to any credit cardholder data (which is the case for most modern Saa S commerce platforms), your need for PCI compliance is greatly mitigated.

The heavy lifting has vested expertly and wonderfully in the hands of the technology experts working for the PCI-compliant Saa S companies, which in our professional opinion is exactly where it belongs.

If you’ve been contacted by your bank or financial institution lately only to discover that your credit card information has been compromised, then you’ve felt the growing frustration many consumers face today.