Ms Mc Intosh said: “Some people from the houses nearby have come and offered us tea.

Then they opened up the church.” Many of the passengers - including one pregnant woman - sheltered overnight at Our Lady of Beauchief & St Thomas of Canterbury Church before they finally resumed their journey at about 5.45am.

He said: “It is usually very, very busy here, but not today. " As a result of the station closures some services to and from the Midlands and the North were starting and terminating at Peterborough and Welwyn Garden City, with a number of bus replacement services also running.

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To compound the problems thousands of rail passengers trying to return home after the Christmas break were facing major travel disruption on Saturday, with no train services running in or out of London King’s Cross due to overrunning engineering works.

East Coast Trains said it was expecting “significant disruption to services” due to delayed Network Rail works north of the station.

Parishioner Gemma Cort, 44, said local children were helping drivers by pushing cars up the slope when they spotted the coach.

When they realised one of the 30 or so passengers was pregnant, it was suggested they open the church so travellers could have a hot drink and use the toilet.

We were waiting, like a lot of other planes, to be de-iced.

There was one for all the planes that were waiting.

There was anger as the departure time was repeatedly rescheduled, with passengers saying there appeared to be only one deicing vehicle available to service a long queue of flights, with reports that it broke down at one point.

After receiving no response from airport staff or operator Germanwings, the pilot called in police from the cockpit.

“It was getting pretty hot and all the food was gone.