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Mollie King gives an exclusive preview of new song Hair Down, ...

Mollie King is LIVE with an exclusive preview of solo single Hair Down.

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On a visit to Bizarre HQ for her first interview since signing up for Strictly, THE SATURDAYS singer explains: “We did this thing called speed dancing, which they haven’t done before. "They were PASHA KOVALEV, GORKA MARQUEZ, GIOVANNI PERNICE and BRENDAN COLE — he has firm hold and is a real joker.” It sounds like musical speed-dating, but it will soon be time to get serious and Mollie is determined to go far.

“All the girls stand in a circle and each time a different professional boy would come and rotate and dance with you. Despite spending seven years as part of the biggest British girl group of the time, Mollie insists she has never had formal dance training.

“I’m not a trained dancer, so all I know is that I’ve got to work my socks off. “I’m a hard worker anyway and I wouldn’t like to be going on prime-time Saturday night TV looking like a complete wally.

“I wouldn’t want to be one of the ones who goes out in the first week. “Even if I look like a complete fool doing the Charleston, which at the moment is likely, if I’ve done the whole week of rehearsing then what more can I do?

“It wasn’t anything like what I’m about to get into, so I need a partner who is willing to work hard with me. And, of course, countless contestants have ended up getting together with their professional partners on the show.