Look for the little details that make them unique (and lovable).Actively remind yourself that each of your dates or matches is made in the image of God and is therefore deserving of love, just as you are.We’re surrounded by promises that technology is gradually making everything better, but technology also gives us more reasons to be anxious.

Sounds like cupid is doing quite bit better than OK.

The online dating and matchmaking industry grew 2.3 percent between 20, with 2.8 percent more growth expected annually through 2016, according to IBISWorld.

All the research in points to one obvious conclusion: Broken people who make unwise decisions will bring that brokenness into their dating relationships.

And many of you have stories that, unfortunately, speak to that truth.

Tired of waiting for that one match to finally message you?

Women, feel free to send the first message in order to get someone’s attention — by putting yourself on a man’s radar, you’re giving him the opportunity to pursue you.In August of 2013, after nine long months, five different sites and maybe 30 first dates, I met Heather.We were married in May of 2014, and we’re living proof that sometimes online dating does actually work.According to Friesen, in all things we are to trust God and His sovereignty through the consequences of our decisions. With thousands of profiles to browse and all the essential information outlined right beside a headshot, you must fight the temptation to treat looking for a spouse like a trip through a buffet line where you browse all the options and then return to your favorites.Instead of immediately viewing someone through the lens of what he or she has to offer you, try stepping back and getting the whole picture.The number of people employed in the field is expected to increase from 15,606 in 2011 to nearly 17,000 by 2016.