Kimberly describes the dangers in her blog, The Errant Wife (

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"Many of us are going through the same experiences and emotions – it's like having your own personal 'cheer squad' on the sidelines." Petal, a wife and mother in her thirties who has an open marriage following her husband's discovery of her affair, admits that she also enjoys the attention bestowed on her by her readers.

"I suppose some of the comments feed my ego a bit," she admits.

Karen blogs shamelessly about her secret life as a serial mistress. Suddenly there are any number of websites devoted to women's real-life confessions. "I am married, rather begrudgingly, to a man who no longer makes me feel anything," writes Shelly in her blog, Confessions of a Wayward Wife. Even the way he moves in bed makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork."Fork-induced eye injuries notwithstanding, these admissions don't necessarily mark Shelly's marriage out as unusual.

Even happily married couples might wince in recognition at those moments of irrational fury that can accompany long-term relationships.

There's an argument that says infidelity blogs are written to the detriment of relationships. She doesn't feel guilt about her affair or her blog, and argues that's common among infidelity bloggers. But just learning about what I have done would be devastating to our relationship," she admits.

"I don't think he could ever understand why I felt the need to do it." Tuesday Malone says guilt is inevitable but describes it as a twinge rather than a full-on assault. But somehow I have blocked the guilt and not allowed myself to feel it.

"Apart from the moments of intensity you share with your lover, you are unable to share the experience with anyone else in your life, including those closest to you." Tuesday's regular readers range from people having affairs to those whose partners have been unfaithful.

"Others are just interested in infidelity or they like the writing," she says.

"I feel there is a definite lack of space for women to say the unsayable; the things that we as humans need to say or lose our minds," she explains. "Blogging was a safe way to find people who could relate to my circumstances without it affecting my ordinary life." For her, infidelity blogging isn't a brazen attempt to flaunt unfaithfulness but is instead inspired by the need to know you're normal, and not alone.

"The thing that has amazed me most about other bloggers is that they are all just ordinary people trying to make the most of their situations," she says.

Secret Tweet ( enables users to post anonymous confessions to Twitter, Second Chance ( secondchance publishes people's regrets anonymously, and True Wife Confessions ( is a forum for women to post their real-life relationship confessions.