I need only to point to "Lizzie Mc Guire", "That's So Raven", or "The Famous Jett Jackson" and the similarities are apparent: the protagonist dominates the show while the sidekicks split the duties of either the goofy follower or the voice of reason.

She's simply a good kid that's trapped in a poorly-written television show.

Thankfully, Emily Osment's Lilly Truscott is there to prop up Miley (both the actress and the character), and she has become my favorite character.

Anfang der 2000er Jahre kehrte die Familie nach Kalifornien zurück.

Ihre erste Hauptrolle übernahm sie 2007 im kontrovers diskutierten Unverblümt – Nichts ist privat unter der Regie von Alan Ball.

Lilly often gets stuck being the second fiddle to Miley, or exchanging a few one-liners with fellow second fiddle Oliver (Mitchel Musso).

The Miley-Lilly-Oliver threesome is reminiscent of other sitcom circle of friends.

Now this is in no way a reflection of portrayer Jason Earles, but honestly, I don't see what it is about Jackson that is worth watching.

He's an oaf and a goofball and a sorry excuse for a comedic character. " have been done time and again on superior shows and were just as forgettable in those as they are here and now.

Still, you have to credit the writers for attempting to keep fresh those same tired elements.