We crave their gaze, their words, their touch, their kiss.

Looking back on the start of a relationship, and contemplating how time has passed since, the love we feel for our husband evolves and matures.

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Quote of the Month "Women fall in love by what they hear. That's why most of the women put make up and most men lie." - From Cute Quotes Love Poems Expressing your love in fine poetry helps to melt even the coldest heart.

Now let the Saint step up and testify, This is a story of a girl who is extra fly Who made me cry within my eye, Who I still love beyond the day I die, I remember sitting in the park looking at your smile, Glowing up dark, thinking of the mile thanking lady luck, Never wanna let your hands go, Juz wanna let you know, you ...

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I would have made it on time if it hadn’t been for my massive breakfast.

I noticed the bus stop was completely empty...” Love Quotes Everybody have something to say about love.

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