Ideally wed like to have a small group of friends that we can get together with on a regular basis. *Taking pix and were willing video with the right people *Proportionate people, for the ladies on the thicker side (video chic type) youre all good but if your 5 and 250 lbs.

Swingers adairsville-46

“Gerry, I can’t let this opportunity pass, since asking you about your penis, I’ve become obsessed with seeing it, please take it out so I can look at it,” she ended, sounding on the one hand extremely embarrassed but on the other, determined to get her way.

Seeing an opportunity to fulfil a desire of my own, I stood up, pulled my zip down, and then said. So the deal is, if you get to look at my cock, then in exchange I want to see your tits, then you can look at it for as long as you want.” “Well I guess fairs fair,” Laurie said smiling, then taking hold of the top portion of her housecoat she pulled it open revealing two beautiful boobs just slightly past their prime, but then who am I to complain considering I’m way past my prime. ” she asked causing them to sway back and forth evocatively.

It couldn’t have been much more than a week later that we were walking back to our vehicles when for a second time she glanced around to make sure no one could hear her when she said. ” “Sure I said,” not knowing what to expect after that last session, but glad that she hadn’t dropped the subject completely. Accepting her offer, she led me through the house and into the kitchen.

“There’s cream in the fridge, the sugar is in a bowl over there beside the microwave, and the mugs are in that cupboard,” she ended pointing at one of the doors just to the left of the Stove.

30/30 year old Couple (man and woman) in Snellville, Georgia, United States Looking For: Couples (man and woman) for Discreet Relationship Profile for jbirdlover69 WE ARE/WHAT WE WANT: We are best friends and completely open and honest, happily married for 8 years, laid back and easy going and do not live by ANY rules or boundaries when it comes to this lifestyle and swapping, only a few LIKES and DISLIKES that you should be aware of before you contact us.

We moved here from NY about 2 years ago and have been too busy to really get out and have too much fun, were looking to change that by meeting some cool, cute couples that we can chill with and play with.I know it sounds ridicules, what with the internet and porn, but when it comes to technology and stuff like computers, I’m a complete Luddite and don’t have a clue how to even switch one on.Jack claims he’s well endowed, but to be honest, I have problems keeping him inside of me his penis is so short, that is when we have sex, which believe me is pretty infrequently. ” “My car broke down, so I had to walk to get the kids to school, luckily they had their rain gear on, but when I ran back into the house I couldn’t find either an umbrella or my raincoat so I just had to get them here and damn the rain.Were sure there is an exception out there but dont plan on being it! Looks are not the most important thing, please have a personality. We will chat and exchange photos but cannot and will not chat forever; we do not have the time for that. Webcam is cool but only when kids arent around, and dont expect a sex show. We have children so discretion is a complete must; do not ask us for phone calls until were ready to meet. *Same room; it makes us so hot watching one another. SORRY WE DO NOT LIKE: *PUSHY PEOPLE (if we want ya, you will know!