They may not say that they are there to take your children, but they are going to try.

In testimony to Congress, Chris Klicka, senior counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association, stated that a case worker with 30 years’ experience once confided in him that “When I started working, we tried to prove the family was innocent.

It is important that you not talk to anyone but your attorney. The investigator is there to find evidence to support what she already believes to be true – that you abused your child.5) Be polite.

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If the supervisor tells a co-worker who has no need to know that the employee did something horrible, then the co-worker is probably a third party, and the supervisor's statement is defamatory.

The employee must still prove that the statement caused damage, though.

Opinions are not facts, so defamation claims based solely on unfavorable opinions will fail.

The statement that an employee "seemed shifty" expresses an opinion, while the employee "stole from me" is a statement of fact.


CLE Credits may also be available in other states through "CLE Reciprocity" (such as Florida) or as an "Approved Jurisdiction" (such as Tennessee).

It doesn’t matter if you think the allegation is unreasonable or stupid.

CPS is serious, and will presume that you are guilty as accused.

When she doesn’t have one, politely but firmly tell her that she will have to stay outside until she gets one. She may tell you that she’ll return with police officers. If they knew what their legal rights were there would be significantly lower numbers of child removals.

If she claims it’s an emergency, make her tell you what it is. Social workers, unlike policemen making an arrest, are not required to inform the parents of their legal rights.

Each state has its own test for proving defamation at work.