You have to call her up, attract her on the phone (e.g.

with your confidence, charm, humor, etc) and then arrange a time to meet her in person.

As a petty way to put down Android users: Apple must know by now that the people of the blue bubbles make fun of the people of the green.

And I guess if I worked at Apple I’d be pretty psyched with this reaction.

You then have to kiss, have sex with her and take it from there. Yet, if you all you do is text, she will either get bored or begin playing hard to get.

If a woman likes you, she will be excited to get your first few texts. For example: If stops texting you all of a sudden because she is bored, it means that she’s not getting enough stimulation out of seeing words on the screen of her phone with smiley faces and LOLs.

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Paul Ford, once again, has written up something fascinating.

He discusses something I had no idea happened: when an i Phone user texts with another i Phone user using i Message, the outgoing texts appear in calm blue bubbles.

I recognize that some people like to get into tech fanboy wars: i Phone v. It's when they run out of good ideas that the focus shifts to attacking the competition.

Apple has done so many things right with the i Phone in pushing the barriers of innovation, it would be better if they just focused on making the overall customer experience better, rather than trying to offer subtle digs at non-i Phone users.

If you recently met a girl who was all over you initially, but isn’t replying to your texts anymore, the reason is simple. You’re constantly texting her and expecting that something will happen by itself (e.g.