Stuff the boots with tightly packed newspaper and let them rest in a dry place.

Let them dry slowly through indirect heat, avoid using a hair dryer as these methods will over-dry the leather, causing damage and cracks.

To create leather, people have to go through the pre-processing stage to clean, soften the hides, and make them easy to penetrate the natural or chemical substances which will be used to transform raw hides into leather for being used in fashion, apparel clothing, and other industries.

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Leather treatment products are often more expensive than natural oils.

Choose one of these products in case you have enough money to spend on softening your boots and gloves.

Firstly, you lay your leather boots or gloves outside on a sunny day.

Let it rest for 10 minutes to open the pores while you prepare the necessary materials.

Simply, you can dip your fingers into the natural oil, then rub it over the surface of the leather items.

Add some layers of oil to get the better softening effect. However, it also makes your stiff leather smooth and wearable.

Depending on the production area, chemical substances or the ones which are naturally extracted will be used to make the hides softer, more durable, waterproof better, and not rot over time.

Next, the hide is exposed to dry, lubricated, dry, knead until soft and oily, flatten, and stained according to the demands.

Leather is the treated and dried skin of a cow, so it basically made from the same thing as your skin.

Besides, natural oils give added benefit of pleasant smelling, pick a natural oil that you want to smell.

Leather goods are luxurious and elegant, and the users are required to know how to preserve the durability of the product.