Genetic recombination occurs during a special type of cell division that forms egg or sperm cells, when the chromosomes swap their genes in a unique way, forming genetically unique eggs or sperm. So, for example, because of this process of genetic recombination, all of Jen's eggs would be different from each other.

When one of Jen's unique eggs comes together with one of Tom's unique sperm during fertilisation (another form of genetic recombination), this produces a unique child.

Each of Tom and Jen's children would look different to the next — just like any brother or sister — and the same goes for Tim and Jan's children.

Twin sisters married twin brothers on the same day, wearing matching outfits.

The photos from the double ceremony, which took place in Ghana, were captured by professional photographer Sindaco Di Lecco, who has since seen his images go viral after sharing them on Instagram.

When they finally decided to settle down, the search for the perfect brides took five years, and all sorts of matchmaking sites and ads.

“When we met Reena and Reema, we knew it was them we were looking for all this while.

Fortunately, they also had the similar feeling after meeting us,” Dilraj said.

The couples were married in Thrissur, Kerala State, India, on Nov.

"It's not 100 per cent, but the probability that they will have identical twins is greater," says Scott.

With two days until 2017, you didn’t think this year was going to end without another what-the-fuck worthy headline, did you? Meet identical twins Lucy and Anna De Cinque from Perth, Australia.

8, 2015, by identical twin priests, with twin pageboys and flower girls.

Some of the annual Twins Days Festival has a couple of love stories to its credit.

Di Lecco doesn’t identify the couples wearing matching modern-meets-traditional kente cloth attire, but here’s hoping they step forward soon with the story of how all four met.