The movement to de-skill and de-professionalize teaching by letting pretty much anyone do it won’t do.And we can’t allow our commitment to public education to become fragmented; privatized schools are not public schools, and the commitment to public schooling has to be the lodestar guiding educational change.

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To borrow a trope from the world of the classroom, let me propose a recipe for improving our mindset when it comes to education policy and education reform: take one part experimentation, combine it with two parts humility, add a dash of cooperation and just a pinch of communication—and voila.

That sounds better than just throwing everything in the pot and then forcing everybody to eat it, doesn’t it?

It’s definitely true that some charter schools have opened doors for kids who might otherwise have been stuck in under-performing schools, and certainly true that the innovative curricula and expanded extracurricular opportunities offered at some schools have enriched the lives of many students and teachers all across the country.

And there’s a lot to like about some of the things we’ve done.

Maybe it’s the “radically decentralized” nature of public education, to borrow a term from the historian David Labaree, that holds the key to understanding how to improve our schools in the twenty-first century.

Maybe, in other words, we’re going about this all wrong.

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Our inclination to experiment with it is quintessentially American too, and something we should be proud of.