In phase 1, a sample of n=2,043 representative of the universe of all 20-69 year olds in Germany was interviewed.

In phase 2, a sample of n=5,075 was selected to take a closer look at prospective purchasers of watches worth € 1,000 or more.

Many studies of luxury and premium brands face the challenge of not reaching sufficient samples for those brands only known by a small or very specific target group.

This challenge has been met by a two-tier sampling process.

Publication of a new survey of the German watch market – The Watch-Monitor 2013 Responsio and Sinus have joined forces and produced a comprehensive survey of the German watch market, based on both companies’ combined research expertise and market knowledge.

The Watch-Monitor 2013 is the first study of its kind to analyse the market from a consumer’s perspective and across all price classes.

His voice also changes from mild-mannered and cultured to gruff and murderous.

When both personalities are fighting for control of the same body, his face twists into what Bartolomeo considers "half-and-half", its features mixed between the two personalities split right down the middle.

Despite his extreme narcissism and pettiness, he has an animal-loving nature, in particular towards to his horse and steed, Farul.

He became enraged when his animal companion and dearest friend was badly wounded, and he immediately sought revenge on the Donquixote Pirates, showing that he has a deep emotional attachment to his animal friend and companion.

He is a lean yet muscular man with long, flowing blond hair that reaches just past his shoulders.