But it’s unlikely SEAT would pay for repairs if John’s attempt to manually update the system went wrong.Gone are the days when satnavs were a strictly aftermarket purchase.This is what happened to Richard Dixon, of Macclesfield, Cheshire.

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Opting for built-in satellite navigation in a new car can be a costly affair, with makers charging as much as £2,100 for a factory-fit system.

And you don’t stop paying there, either: with new roads constantly being built, the sat-nav in your car could soon need updating.

Auto Express contacted SEAT to find out why the cost was so high and whether the manufacturer’s warranty is invalidated if owners manually update the system.

A SEAT spokesman said other makers charge similar fees for an update, and added: “The costs come from the fact the system is integrated to the vehicle and we have to purchase the software externally.” SEAT couldn’t confirm if the download would invalidate John’s warranty.

For many drivers, a smartphone app such as Google Maps or Waze will do everything they need, including traffic information, up-to-date maps and places to stop off at along the way.

There’s only one problem: you’ll need a decent data connection unless your app has offline maps, and you’ll cost yourself a fortune in roaming fees if you attempt to download maps and navigate abroad.

Our table reveals just how much it will cost you for updates on built-in sat-navs from various manufacturers.

Vauxhall will charge between £99 and £179 depending on the model and level of system you have in your car.

You now get a satnav fitted as standard on a Suzuki Baleno that costs less than £13,000 – and every single BMW that rolls off a garage forecourt comes with one, too.