Thus a reader has the choice of delving deeply into an amazing conglomerate of mis-used and mis-guidednational power, or merely riding the surface of its devastating undercurrents.

And There's Tomorrow Alice M Weir-1975 And so it is with Atlantis.

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The result may possibly be that this book will displease not only the Bolsheviks, but also those equally fanatical anti-Bolsheviks who believe that Lenin and Trotsky lead lives of phenomenal debauchery, that cannibalism is common in Moscow, that all Russian women have been nationalized, that the Red Army is composed of Letts and Chinese who have to be driven into action by means of whips and machine-guns, and that anyone who disputes these facts is a Bolshevik himself.

I really hate Bolshevism as much as these people do, but I also hate Propaganda in so far as that word means the selection of all the facts supporting a certain theory, and the deliberate suppression of all the facts which tell against that theory, or vice versa. Robert Mills The North Central Association's Outcomes Accreditation (OA) model has generated ` considerable interest among Michigan educators.

I simply give all the facts, whether they tell against Communism or in its favour ; and, if I indulge in deductions from those facts, my readers are at liberty to draw whatever other deductions they like .

The main thing is that all the facts be placed before them ; and that I have tried my best to do .

Thus it might prove embarrassing for friends and family if the fictional areas of the book were confused with facts. Here, her arguments and reasoning are presented bycharacters such as "Great Uncle John David Barr", "Mr .

Carter", "Congressman Kahl", "Amy Dimmock" and "Sarah", herself.The treasure within the legend has been buried under the rubble of misconceptions, follies and fantasies, the dead weight of prejudice and skepticism, and the ruins of wrong dating and faulty identifications thathave accumulated around the legend in the two thousand five hundred years since Solon first heard it in Egypt.The ridicule of the experts falls upon any who try to dig beneath the debris of the centuries . 57-137) an attempt is made to reveal the hidden treasure of the legend ; the geographical position of the Royal Isles, as well as the extent and organisation of the Atlantean kingdom, is established, and the authenticity of the information contained in the legend concerning the life and customs, culture and beliefs, and wealth and power of the Atlanteans is tested against our current knowledge of that age . 141-207) will be found an account of what Homer,the greatest poet of all times, has written on Atlantis and of the legend this frequently trustworthy preserver of ancient history has handed down to us .A Prisoner Of The Reds-Francis Mc Cullagh-1922 State Office The University of : Michigan, State Dr. William Buhaw Regional Office Centred Michigan University, Mt. It is a process that follows many of the principles of the "Effective Schools Research" and results in schools focusing their activities on improving student success .But as with any new initiative, certain basic questions ought to be asked and answered before schools should commit their energy and resources .And then, understanding well the plans for a collectivist America and wishing to warn Americans of the dangers that lay ahead, he undertook the writing of his most remarkable and historically illuminating newsletters.