Affiliation: National University of Ireland, Galway; The Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology Project Directors: Dr Carleton Jones (Academic Director) & Dr Ros Ó Maoldúin (Field Director) Project Description: Survey and excavation of a prehistoric barrow (burial mound) and ceremonial complex.

Period(s) of Occupation: Irish Bronze to Iron Age (2000 BC – 400 AD) Our fieldschool aims to target and investigate periods of social and religious change in prehistoric Ireland.

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Participants on the experimental archaeology course will get experience of working with materials which were used in the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age.

Our course will be held in Craggaunowen heritage park, where we will have the use of a real castle and a reconstructed ringfort and crannog, to carry out our work.

We recommend budgeting about €100 per week for food and entertainment.

This will allow you to eat out, in a restaurant, a couple of times per week.

Insurance: The field school fee does not cover insurance.

It is mandatory to arrange your own health insurance before your trip to Ireland.

They will gain experience using a total station, creating 3D models (Agisoft photoscan), digitising drawings (Arc/QGIS and Inkscape), and mapping the finds/sites (Arc/QGIS).

In addition to on-site training during the excavation, the fieldschool organises a series of workshops and lectures/seminars, given by visiting specialists.

During 2018, we will be extending that survey and targeting the barrow and geophysical anomalies with excavation.