This machine, prototypes of which will soon be in testing, will be assembled overseas, not in the Man Cave.

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I feel I should have received the minutes being that I had no way of knowing this promotion had expired. I was told I had to pay for a new sim card and the minutes (well over 2000) would be lost. I guess he didn't want to hear any more and he hung up on me. Our business phone number was ported out to another company by Tracfone by representative typing incorrect digits from another customer requesting to move. 2 hours after speaking to her, the phone was dead again.

In addition, I had another code which I could not use because I guess you can only use one a time. I called Tracfone to have my 2 new phones (Samsung Galaxy purchased from HSN) activated and our current phone numbers transferred to our new phones. Called back today and asked to speak to a supervisor. I keep being told my phone is activated but it is not I can't make or receive calls, etc. We have fought with you for 3 weeks trying to get this situation resolved. Apparently, we were only getting intermittent service from the other company a hour or so at a time over 3 weeks.

I just called the corporate office and was told they were going to transfer me back AGAIN to the unlock department and they would be able to help me. I asked to be transferred to USA to American rep., said she could not do.

Not only will they NOT help by unlocking the phone, they will terminate the call (hang up on you). When you call the corporate office you get a recording that all reps are busy and they will call you back if you'll leave your number. In less than 60 seconds, I received another automated call that asked me to hold the line. I requested the phone number for the home office in Fl. The only thing they do have; is excuses..tracphone stoled over 4,000 mins from ne and now they one return them to me.

Mike I wanted to switch to a smartphone when my renewal date was near.

When I asked why I was getting a notice of time ending in 5 days when I had just purchased a years worth CS put me on hold and 16 min later she had not come back to me and I hung up and started over again.

When I called the # I was told that code expired in 2012. I was told after 1 1/2 hours of being on hold back and forth that they could not find any record of my husbands phone number. The next day after 1 1/4 hours holding, I was told they made a mistake.

I asked about receiving some bonus minutes and was essentially told by the lady @ Customer Service she could not assist further. When I first called on Feb.14 the person I talked to deactivated my husbands phone number instead of activating it to the new phone.

Herb has become our guru, though if you want to sue us please go through our litigator, Claude Stern of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan in Redwood City. Herb told us to turn Mineserver LLC into Mineserver Corporation, a Delaware C-Corp like all the other Sand Hill Road darlings. You can’t very easily tell 100,000 people about your screw-ups while trying to find an investor at the same time. We were held up waiting for suppliers who were giving us 90 percent discounts: you can’t blame them in public and expect them to take it well. Deciding to grow the company complicates things a lot. One of our hardware suppliers simply wasn’t capable of growing with us so we had to replace that supplier, which wasn’t easy especially since it involved numbers that were increasing by 100X.