If yours is starting to look slightly tired and dated, it could be time to update. They can increase the perception of space and make a room look slightly larger than it actually is.

updating a bathroom-17

Our bathrooms are a very important part of our home.

After the kitchen, they are probably the second busiest room in the house.

Consider lighter colours to help reflect available light around the bathroom.

Darker colours in smaller spaces will close the space in.

To get rid of this possibility completely consider installing the Showerwall waterproof panelling system.

This is the easy to install and attractive alternative to tiling.Giving a room a quick lick of paint is a great way to update it and this is particularly true in the case of your bathroom.It’s always best to ensure surfaces are thoroughly clean and free from mould prior to painting.It also needs to be stylish and welcoming in case you ever have guests staying over.First impressions are important and the bathroom is one of the rooms that will shape those impressions!Then it sounds like you need a soft close toilet seat.