I try to turn off the video app use of cell data on 6s plus, but it does not work. From the time that the new billing plans with different data levels were instituted, I never came anywhere near using up my 2 GB of data.

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If you can't remember your Gmail user name/password or your account has been locked, this info will help you.

This helps if you're receiving invalid Gmail user name/password errors or your account has been locked.

I am in one of those cities and wondering what the updated carrier settings are? My mother uses video app at home wifi, which is great.

When I look at my phone under the carrier it says "Verizon 25.0". When outside, she uses the video app and my data use skyrockets. how can I stop voicemail transcription on i Phone 6S?

Emulate Android APK apps on your PC with presets for Sony, Samsung and HTC handsets with ARM processors (similar to Blue Stacks): Genymotion is a very fast and free (with limited features) Android emulator.

Is there a way to unlock the phone and use it on my Verizon plan? My friend deactivated the phone and it still has a sim card in it.

Mobile Master, a great PIM for cell phones and i Pods that can synchronize phones with Outlook 2007 , Outlook Express, your Windows Contacts and Address Book, Thunderbird, Opera, Eudora, Lotus Notes and other email clients.

The process of "flashing" your cell phone is required for people who wish to either upgrade their device firmware or to install custom ROMs which can change or update the functionality of your smart phone.

An effective Android PC manager with backup, restore and contact editing: An update and warning: Mobogenie will install several third party applications on your system including The KMPlayer, Photo Scape, Genie Cleaner and Genie Wi Fi.

An ad-ridden program which attempts to generate unlock codes for older phones only: Nokie Free Unlock Codes Calculator is a simple tool which attempts to generate unlock codes for a number of mobile phone manufacturers.

This often helps if you get emails on your computer/PC but not on your phone.