I've got an Adic Scalar 100 (also commonly rebranded by dell as powervault 136T).

updating firmware on scalar 100-35

Quantum no longer publish this on their websites and I’m told they will stop supporting the product early 2011 so I’ve have a copy of the last firmware issued 6.10.004 here that I actually used for LTO3 drives, but I hold no guarantees nor except responsibilities.

Also see Support/Softwareand Documentation Downloads/S100/for more information on firmware versions.

The de-duplication anyway you cut it is a license, which is or is not included with the device.

We will see what the top venders have to offer for their BIG BUCKS!

Ensure you have access to the RMU (Web Interface) before continuing.

You should know that it’s not just a case of swapping out drives, the first thing you need to do is tell the library you are removing the drives.This can be done from the console panel More and select Remove.You can now safely remove the drives, failure to do this may result in errors later.Now power down the library and unplug it then open the main door.You will need to remove the existing magazines which just pull out and the brackets.Once the magazines have been swapped and new drives installed you can proceed to the next stage.