* $ mkdir /mnt/ubuntu * $ mount /dev/sdc5 /mnt/ubuntu * $ mkdir /mnt/ubuntu/boot * $ mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/ubuntu/boot Once you are done mounting your partitions you will go ahead and download debootstrap binary from a remote or local Ubuntu mirror, and follow these following steps: * $ cd /tmp * $ wget $ ar -xf debootstrap_0.3.30ubuntu7_* $ cd / * $ zcat I want to get us into our Ubuntu Desktop as quickly as possible and with minimal work, so lets copy the kernel from Fedora Core 5 and use it to quickly get into a GUI we all know and love: * $ cp /boot/* /mnt/ubuntu/boot * $ cd /mnt/ubuntu/boot * $ cp vmlinux-2.6.16 ../vmlinux * $ cp ../ * $ cd /mnt/ubuntu/lib * $ cp /lib/2.6.16 .

You can download a kernel if you like, but I'm sure you would rather be inside your Ubuntu Desktop as quickly as possible, so just use what I've given you and go from there. At this stage you have a choice of installing whatever desktop you like.

You can either install the Ubuntu, Xubuntu or the Kubuntu desktop at this stage of the install.

Here are some pictures of my PS3 running Xubuntu: These are the items I used: * USB Storage Drive (Thumb Drive, Compact Flash, Pro Duo, etc.) * USB External Drive * DVD Burner * debootstrap_0.3.3.0ubuntu7_- * Fedore Core 5 DVD - Few Blank CDR's and DVD's * Beer I went ahead and followed sections 01 - 03 from these instructions: * going to give it to you real quick breakdown here: * Plug your USB storage drive into your main boxen and create the directory structure USB:\PS3\OTHEROS * Download and onto USB:\PS3\OTHEROS * Remove the USB storage drive and plug it into your PS3 and boot that sucker up!

* On the XMB go into Settings Menu Format Drive * I have a 20GB PS3 so I chose the option of making two 10GB partitions.

Once done with debootstrap you will go ahead and configure your Base System.

I'm partial to GNU Emacs, but you might be a vi, vim or nano type of character so just to make this as easy as possible do the following: * $ chroot /mnt/ubuntu /bin/bash * $ source /etc/profile * $ apt-get install nano The above command has you in your new Ubuntu system in its infant state.

I'm providing this section as I had already installed Fedora Core 5 on my Play Station 3 before getting the urge to install Ubuntu. Here is more information on kboot if you are interested: * Once you have both the Fedora Core 5 DVD and the ADDON CD burned follow these steps: * Insert your freshly burned Fedora Core 5 DVD into the Play Station 3.

* Once on the kboot prompt type: install-fc sda * It will ask you to insert the Fedora Core DVD. * Remember, choose option '1' - Fedora Core Minimum Install * Type 'y' when it says Caution!! Remember, you can always resize /dev/sda with parted once you are done.

Just open terminal via Ctrl Alt T keyboard shortcut, and run the commands below one by one: And you can remove the PPA via the Software & Updates utility under Other Software tab.