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Similar to Skyrim, the Creation Kit does not have default ini files until it is started for the first time and requires some basic setup to work properly for the purpose of this guide.

Start the Creation Kit through the Steam context menu. Navigate to the Skyrim folder (where Creation is located) and open Skyrim

Click [Create] and type "Vanilla Skyrim" in the text box. Verify that "Vanilla Skyrim" is the currently selected profile in the "Profile" drop-down above the left-pane of the Mod Organizer window.

Verify that "Default Game Settings" is unchecked then click [OK]. Mod Organizer has created a local copy of the current and Skyrim to be used when running this profile.

Set "Anisotropic Filtering" to Off through the drop down box. Click the [OK] push-button to close the dialogue and save. Press [ESC] to go back to the category selection menu and select "Gameplay".

Scroll down the "Gameplay" menu and remove the X next to "Save on Rest", "Save on Wait", and "Save on Travel".

The Creation Kit is a valuable tool for Skyrim as it allows users to create and/or edit mods.

It can be used to fix and change things not possible with the other 3rd party tools.

Verify that NMM Version is at least 0.52.2, if it is not then update it to this value. Click the [Executables] button at the top of the main Mod Organizer window. If all prerequisites were installed correctly, some software such as SKSE, Skyrim, and the Creation Kit should appear already configured in the list. The game and related tool programs must be run through Mod Organizer which allows them to see the virtual data folder.