OP_WAKE_LOCK App ops allows callers to: Note when operations are happening, and find out if they are allowed for the current caller.

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This allows the quick response to make its own provider queries using its own UID as well as package name.

Read/write security checks will be performed by the content provider framework based on the manifest file, before insert() is called.

Suppose Company A has a centralized user store that does the authentication for most of the company’s internal resources on its inner Web site.

But Company A also has a customer feedback application that employees and customers need access to, and for this application, a second user store has been created.

This allows the user to log into one account and access the resources of the other account without logging in to the second account.

It is one method for providing single sign-on when a user has accounts in multiple user stores.Figure 5-6 illustrates such a network configuration where the user accounts of Site A are configured to federate with the user accounts at Site B. After an account has been federated, the user can log in to Site A and have access to the resources on the Web servers of both Site A and Site B.In this scenario, Site B is not as secure a site as Site A, so federation is configured to go only one way, from Site A to Site B. Collect all of the current information about operations that have been executed or are not being allowed. Disallow specific apps from doing specific operations.This means that the employee must log in to both accounts to access both the inner Web site and the customer feedback application.