If sliding on a plastic saucer is your idea of downhill fun, the best sledding hills in America have plenty of snowy slopes to navigate with the aid of gravity.Discussing the ad with colleagues for over eight minutes, he pretended to vomit on the sight of Miss Mc Cain naked, joking: 'Put some extra clothes on. has she thought about a burqa, just to be extra safe?When his daughter Lula was born, Banks "made a deal with God", pledging that if he is given a second chance, he will end his drug abuse and help others end their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

In fact, the LAPD and other law officials will frequently refer clients to Banks.

Banks appears to believe that his work is a calling and will therefore work pro bono if a client is too poor to afford his services.

William, driven to investigate, discovers that the girl and her friend Lolly (Vanessa Lengies) are drug mules, transporting heroin over the U. A lawyer (Tate Donovan) comes to William, seeking help for his wife (Annabeth Gish), who is caught in the throes of an addiction to Vicodin and zolpidem.

William and his team discover that the woman is not only using, but she is also part of an elaborate upper middle class "drug club".

William tries to help Zachary Giles (James Immekus), a once-promising high school athlete who has fallen victim to methamphetamine addiction.

Giles funds his addiction by stealing from his family and heisting people's homes with his girlfriend Heather (Hazel Dean), who is also an addict.

In order to save Giles, William must go to battle with a ruthless Aryan supremacist (Michael Cudlitz) that supplies people with drugs in exchange for stolen merchandise.

This episode introduces William's team and his family.

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Banks has a busy life; besides his addiction fighting capers, he runs a shop that primarily sells surfing equipment.