Besides this, nearby are located the so-called Catacombs, being a formation of caves that spreads reverence all over.

Referred to as one of the top and genuinely attractive spots around here, Varna’s sea garden sure has a lot to offer.

Newcomers get blown away by the magnificent Dolphinarium as well, being Varna’s greatest attraction.

Rumor has it that the settlement was one of the largest constructions left by Romans, which proves once again the great meaning of the city, administratively and economically.

Horse riding experiences are so much fun when being in such a lovely place with nature and fresh air. Tip: make sure you don’t miss out on the gorgeous scenery and lush greenery while riding! Why try it: Enjoy this tour to the fullest while blending with nature.

Why it’s worth it: Get to know more about the ancient human’s presence thanks to the great archaeological museum in Varna!

Finally, the possibility to try out fine wine selections while walking around the lovely city of Varna is coming alive! For those of you who’re eager to dig deep into Bulgaria’s culture and history and drink some wine in the meantime, you’d totally love Varna’s walking and drinking tour!

Alongside this, the archaeological museum in Varna also displays exhibitions dating back to the Late Paleolithic age.

Once inside, visitors are able to trace back the human’s presence back to the middle Endolithic age being illustrated by ceramic findings kept inside.

Don’t miss it: With this in mind, you wouldn’t want to miss out on it, right? The natural phenomenon is often regarded to as “a group of rocks and stones which have been beaten down right into the ground”.

Believe it or not, there’s such a thing called “stone forest”. Indeed, that’s the BG translation of its name, more or less.

The empire built these baths as the settlement back then was called Odessos.

Why visit it: Discover the legends surrounding the Roman Baths.

Bring a friend along and set off on a lovely journey on a horse!