The weight, however, was greater than he had anticipated and the first two columns tested, threatened to collapse immediately.

It is considered one of the most magnificent buildings ever built and encompasses almost all artistic styles since the Middle Ages.

It has its origins in the very beginnings of the Christian take over of the island back in the 13th century.

originate 1653, probably a back-formation of origination (1647), from M. It is a system of arbitrary canons, originating in pure caprice.

These disputes, originating at Toulon, grew apace in Corsica.

He was lucky, not only did he arrive safely but he also defeated the Arabs.

And as a God-fearing Christian he did not forget his promise and quickly set about putting into practice his oath. The Muslims were already using the perfect position for their mosque.The former was precipitated by an earthquake in May 1851 that left the main façade in grave danger of collapse, and prompted the bishop to commission its reconstruction.Peyronnet was duly appointed chief architect and decided to adopt a Gothic style in order, as a he affirmed, to confer greater harmony to the site.Nevertheless, in relation to their height they are still among the slimmest load bearing columns in the world today.Click here to listen to the Palma de Mallorca Cathedral Audio Guide Work went on and on for several centuries with people from all social classes contributing financially until finally in 1601, well into the Renaissance period, the main façade was completed and the masterpiece began to take shape.The mosque however was not demolished immediately but was repeatedly restored and used well in to the 14th century, most probably, and ironically, as a place of Christian worship.