23rd July RS Promotion singer “Waii” Punyarisa Tienprasert came out to announce along the line that Junsu of Korean Boyband 2pm is currently pursuing a relationship with her.She said during his album promotion in Thailand Junsu caught a taxi to come and visit her at her house and they have been talking to each other on the phone.In a recent video, Waii has officially stated that she has "broken up" with Junsu.

act=image&pid=743025"][img] has been reported on the news in both Korea and Thailand that 2PM member Junsu is currently dating Thai singer Waii.

Apparently during an interview, Waii had confessed that the “couple” are in love, and that she secretly took a taxi to meet Junsu at night while he was in Thailand and talked on the phone several times a day.

That's what I was thinking awhile ago before I read your comment here. she's such a liar [quote name='oh`retro' post='6233373' date='Jul 27 2009 1 11 PM']Ugh, I'm so confused. and one more thing, i've watched her interview, her actions and the way she anwered the questions was like 'uhm, aaah~ hihihi~' something like that. the one who took taxi is junsu to look for waii, i know thai language, and i quite know waii, i don't think she will do these type of things to get attention.

In all the previous articles, it said Junsu's the one who took the taxi to go see Waii. LOL.[/quote]lol...thats what i was thinking too..."did nichkhun translate for them...." i mean..i don't care if its true or not..from what i knew...i didn't know that junsu could speak or understand thai??? I'm not taking sides here because I don't know the whole story but something does seem fishy. that's just not enough to calm down those fangirls this is true story!! which made me 80% believed that it isn't true..she's just faking it.

he had only visited Thailand in just a few days and this rumor of him dating waii came out and so on and so on.how could that possibly be? [quote name='sweetest' post='6233222' date='Jul 27 2009 12 19 PM']Person who took the taxi was Junsu not Waii, Please Understand it. So yeah, I don't think they were dating, I don't even think they could communicate properly =X.

don't tell me he sneaks every night and he'll fly to Thailand then back to Korea. poor guys..be so hard for them to have their own normal time.[/quote]That's true. In all the previous articles, it said Junsu's the one who took the taxi to go see Waii. Junsu english is that good (I still love him though! And soon after she revealed their "relationship," she had another video saying they broke up & she deleted his email & all that stuff. i can confirmed junsu went to see waii just a few minutes he went to waii's house by taxi not waii took the taxi to meet him in order to bring some presents from korea to her, waii so impressed about these. I've known about this rumour since 2PM was in Thailand. junsu knew about waii will go to korea to debute her career it is secret thing but he knew because CUBE Entertainment is the sub company of JYP and everything done more than 70% but conjested about contracted in both company ( her company and CUBE Entertainment ) waii said that she speechless when she saw junsu come to see her at her house she so impressed but she think he suitable to be good brother more than anything he's caring her about her career in korea and cheer her up to debute at there this is nice relationship because waii had boyfriends now, junsu just like her btw she so sorry to his fanclub but she consisted that between her and junsu has nothing [quote name='Sw Tm Zj En Ny' post='6233385' date='Jul 28 2009 1 18 AM']The rumor isn't true JYP said it himself. She's putting blame on him for the public getting mad, but she annouced that they were 'dating' and then she said oh, I broke up with him it's all for the better but she was the one who was happy about annoucing it to the public that they were dating and they were happy together and what not. The rumour has just came out few days ago because Thai Media would like to check if it's true or not. Clip from 23rd July (Waii’s interview airs after Mod’s news) Clip from 25 July: MCOT 25th July Waii announced she has cut all ties with Junsu and won’t even answer his phone calls if he tries to call her, but will he?Is Junsu even aware of his ‘Two day’ relationship with Waii and are they really ‘talking to each other’ or is this another case similar to “Film & Lee Da Hae”.he had only visited Thailand in just a few days and this rumor of him dating waii came out and so on and so on.how could that possibly be? i guess we would never know the truth unless junsu speaks up.