(You won’t see this on computers running Windows 10 Home.) If you (or your IT department) identify the computer as owned by the organization, then one of the options is to log in with a or a local domain.

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You can buy Office 365 Personal for one computer, or Office 365 Home for up to five computers. If you log into with your Microsoft Personal account, you’ll see an identical tile in the upper left corner.

It’s up to you to remember which account you used to license Microsoft Office. Similarly, One Drive appears identical regardless of whether you log in with your work or personal accounts.

For reasons I’ll touch on below, I’m going to refer to them as . If you have a business Office 365 mailbox, you can’t skip this – it’s one of the articles that you have to read and understand. Your account login for each is an email address and a password. If you have an i Phone, you might upload your photos to i Cloud (connected to your Apple ID) upload your photos to Google Photos (connected to your Google account).

Google and Apple both run email services and offer places to store files online.

Many people are frustrated because they cannot understand what accounts they have or where each one is supposed to be used.

I’m going to describe Microsoft’s work and personal accounts as clearly as possible. • A helpful analogy • An overview of Microsoft work and personal accounts – .

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Microsoft also offers discounted services to college students and runs those through this database. This account is intended to be your long-term personal relationship with Microsoft.

This is the one that you’ll use continuously regardless of who your employer is from year to year.

Your experience with each service depends on whether you log in with your Microsoft Work credentials or your Microsoft Personal credentials. When you log into Windows with a password, some computer somewhere decides whether you’ve put in the right password and have permission to log in.