Dobrev's dating status with Wesley is said to be evidenced by the extra sweetness of Dobrev to her co-star on the set of the vampire TV drama.

It’s actually something like “Day 20 of 22,190, Give or Take.” ] Well, by then, Bonnie will have lived a nice life.

He tacks on an extra decade for her every now and then. he waited for Katherine for a long-ass time, so it’s the waiting game. And now he has Alaric back on the bourbon wagon, because he’s also been dealt the s–t end of life.

Andddd you know what that means – the couple is headed for or already in splitsville!

A source told that the pair who used to live together are now living separately.

We’ll continue to watch their friendship build, because they really do owe each other a lot.

They’re going to go through this whole thing together, which is a fun dynamic we’re exploring.

TVLine caught up with executive producer Julie Plec at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where she teased Bonnie and Matt’s new love interests, the return of Damon and Alaric’s bromance and a particularly surprising “curveball” being thrown at Stefan and Caroline.

TVLINE Let’s start with the season premiere title, ‘22,190 Days.’You know, I saw that somebody leaked that title, but it’s not the whole thing.

Phoebe has been seen out and about without the promise ring that Paul once gave her.