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Beth: We’d like to say thank you for everybody tuning in and joining the web chat.

Beth: And I guess we’re going to start answering questions now, so here’s the first one.

(eyebrow wagging) Yes I can, yes I can Aldis: This one is for Beth. Beth: I mean technically the first episode was supposed to take plass…plass Alaska…

I got a big mouth on me; I’ll say what I feel when I feel it so there ya go. It’s weird, you know, walking down the street “ALDIS!

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After the Bound for Glory Series, Magnus began a feud with Bad Influencewho assaulted him during the finals, and first challenged them to a six-man tag team match against himself, Sting and Samoa Joe, prior to the match Bad Influence incapacitated Magnus and injured his knee, but Sting and Joe emerged victorious.

Beth: Um…hm…well I might steal this vintage Mercedes that I saw the other day that was really beautiful.

Aldis: Yes they do and I let people down every day. Beth: Could you help with my laptop in a few minutes? If you were a character in real life, which item would you steal? Aldis: If you were Parker Beth: Oh if I was Parker in real life, what would I steal? Beth: Oh goodness gracious….a lot of things I suppose…um Aldis: Well tell us about things you have stolen. I might steal that and then I’d possibly steal some.I think I’d go steal some art. I see what this is Beth: I think I’d steal some Avedon, some Versaille, some.I’d steal a lot of photographs. That last question was from Facebook, this one is from Facebook as well Beth: For both of us; Would you guys like to film an episode in Alaska? Aldis: Plass…plass Beth: Place in Alaska Aldis: Plass in Alaiska Beth: Yes I would love to go to Alaska. Where you go through those glaciers, I mean it supposed to be…I would love it. Aldis: I want to go up there and check out the Aurora Borealis and also, you know, its like 6 months of sun and 6 months of night.

Retrieved 14 January Magnus crowned new champ at Final Resolution".