Instead of alerting the authorities, they put the body in a shoebox and sealed it with sellotape.The pair then took him to Heaton Cemetery, where Clark used a chisel to dig a grave.

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Women’s singles: Elizabeth Cann (Jersey), Helen Davies (Cheshire).

Men’s doubles: Nathan Robertson & Anthony Clark (both Notts), Chris Adcock (Notts) & Robert Blair (Leics), Robin Middleton (Yorks) & Chris Langridge (Surrey), Marcus Ellis (Yorks) & Peter Mills (Notts, wild card).

Officers also found Davies' diary in which she referred her then unborn baby as a 'monstrosity' and wrote: 'Shall I pop it in two weeks?

Pregnancy is p*****g me right off.'Other entries said: 'Gave birth to baby boy' and a final entry said: 'died in sleep' and 'buried in box - love you always'.

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story on the City Commissioners, Al Schmidt disagreed that Philly were upset about his colleague Anthony Clark’s terrible work record.

Women’s doubles: Jenny Wallwork & Gabby White (both Yorks), Mariana Agathangelou (Avon) & Heather Olver (Sussex).

Mixed doubles: Robertson & Wallwork, Adcock & White, Middleton & Agathangelou, Clark & Olver (wild card).

I saw him live at Caroline's in NYC back during the time he was doing Yes Dear. I was also lucky enough to have Jim Gaffigan on the bill too. Anthony Clark cruised me at the bar/lounge at Caroline's after the show----really heavily. He's huge, not huge, a huge asshole, a cum guzzler, a pussy bound. He dated a guy in the gay and lesbian student association at my college way back in 1991. It never happened and I got bored with the gay and lesbian student association and just started going to bars and never saw him or his boyfriend again.

But I was there with cousins that night and couldn't break away for a quickie. Any truth to being outed at work and losing his temper?

"You know, he was a stand-up, the gay guy from the other show about Boston... "Once they named Anthony, someone piped up that he wasn't out, so they spit out some "allegedly"s. It's funny that Rosie couldn't remember his name because I remember her interviewing him on her 90's/early 00's show. It was always VERY obvious in both interviews and on his shitty sitcom that he's gay.