In 1994 she blazed back into the music world, released a CD and coined a new word with “Retrosexual” a punk/hard rock underground classic.

The record was a forceful, fun, rocking return to form for Bebe with a mix of hip, impeccable cover choices and catchy original songs.

Utilizing her unparalleled entertainment business savvy, she became Liv’s manager, and helped launch and mentor her daughter’s international modeling and acting career.

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Some of the film’s dialogue is taken from direct quotes of Bebe’s that Crowe had remembered from their friendship which began in 1973 on the road with Todd Rundgren.

She also completed her autobiography, the New York Times Bestseller “Rebel Heart; An American Rock And Roll Journey” (St, Martin’s Press) with Victor Bockris in 2001 and in 2002 married Jim Wallerstein of Das Damen and Vacationland fame.

Well documented in the media, Bebe has said in interviews that she didn’t want to tell Liv who her real father was because of Steven’s heavy drug addiction at the time.

Todd had known that he was not the biological father of Liv but had kept the secret in order to give both Bebe and Liv some semblance of a stable home.

She received rave reviews for her powerful performances in both New York and Los Angeles.

Around the start of the 21st century, Cameron Crowe released the film “Almost Famous” which is heavily based on certain elements of Bebe’s life.

AKA Beverle Lorence Buell Born: 14-Jul-1953Birthplace: Portsmouth, VAGender: Female Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Model Nationality: United States Executive summary: Liv Tyler's mom Father: (stepfather, USMC)Mother: Dorothea Johnson Boyfriend: Todd Rundgren (1972-78)Slept with: Mick Jagger Slept with: Iggy Pop Slept with: David Bowie Slept with: Jimmy Page Slept with: Steven Tyler Daughter: Liv Tyler (b.

Jul-1977)Boyfriend: Elvis Costello (1978-84)Boyfriend: Stiv Bators Husband: Coyote Shivers (m.

Mick Jagger was once quoted as saying that he could bring Bebe “when I dine with royalty.” Bebe’s musical career jumpstarted with her first release, “Covers Girl” (1981) produced by Ric Ocasek and Rick Derringer.

It was a four song EP of obscure cover songs featuring legendary group The Cars backing her on two of the tracks.

At ten years old she began singing in the Villa Maria Academy choir sporting a unique “alto” that caught everyone’s ear.