The shape of the modern Chesapeake Bay was formed through a combination of both erosion by the Susquehanna River and deposition by ocean currents.The trigger for shifting sands and river channels was the rise and fall of the Atlantic Ocean during various ice ages; water levels were as much as 300-400 feet higher or lower than today.He has been incredibly loved-up with his new girlfriend Sofia Richie, who is fifteen years his junior, in recent weeks.

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The 34-year-old looked in good spirits as he treated his seven-year-old, who he shares with ex Kourtney Kardashian, to the delicious snack during their father-son day out.

Clearly following in his father's footsteps, Mason co-ordinated his father in an equally comfortable navy tracksuit, paired with matching white Nike trainers.

Sediments were deposited during periods of high sea level and extended the ancient Delmarva "spit," while erosion of new Susquehanna River channels occurred during periods of low sea level.

Old channels of the Susquehanna River can be identified underneath the current Eastern Shore, and on the edge of the continental shelf where "fossil" canyons such as the Washington Canyon show the former route of the river.

Meanwhile Sofia's Hello hitmaker father originally said he was 'scared to death' at the thought of his 19-year-old daughter dating the 34-year-old reality star. Former flames: Scott split from Kourtney in October 2015 after nine years together.

Scott shares three children, Mason, seven, Penelope, five, and Reign, two, with his former partner Kourtney Kardashian - but Sofia has now insisted her father is 'cool' with the situation. When sea levels dropped, an ancestor of today's river carved a new channel nearby, seeking the easiest path to the ocean - but bypassing the old river mouth, now blocked by accumulated sediments.The paleochannels, various scarps and terraces on the Coastal Plain, and canyons carved into the Continental Slope/Continental Rise document the different stages of dropping sea levels.1) formation of the Eastern Shore by the Accomack and Nassawadox spits over the last 500,000 years, blocking the flow of earlier versions of the Susquehanna River and pushing the river mouth to the south2) sea level rise in the last 18,000 years, flooding the James River channel and the separate Susquehanna River channel (plus tributaries to the Susquehanna, including the York, Rappahannock, and Potomac rivers) excavated by the impact of a meteorite.The current shape of the bay is less that 10,000 years old - so Native Americans arrived in in Virginia in time to witness the conversion of multiple freshwater river channels into the brackish estuary of the modern Chesapeake Bay.Chesapeake Bay bathymetry Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Geophysical Data Center The bay is a feature on the Coastal Plain.The Coastal Plain east of I-95 was created over the last 150-200 million years by erosion from the Appalachian Mountains and by deposition of sediments at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.