Jerome "Jerry" César Martínez - If the guys are lifting weights, he will load the machine with five times more than he's capable of handling and choke on the bar while attempting to lift it. Jerry can speak Spanish fluently (you could say that his parents, or any relative, are Spanish because César and Martinez are Spanish surnames) .

At the Falafel Phil's, when Jack tells him to Vamos, Jerry starts ranting at him in Spanish.

When the Bobby Wasabi crew is packing, Jerry complains to Jack about how they're closing because of him, and later talks about how he's a lone wolf again and that he's not gonna miss any of those "meatbags".

To see more of their friendship, see the page, Kerry.

Milton - Best Friends - Jerry and Milton are best friends.

Jerry, according to his friends, is usually very confused and often oblivious to what's going on around him. He was a lone wolf before he entered Bobby Wasabi, as stated in Wasabi Warriors.

In Dummy Dancing, he said he was partially raised by wolves, and he can speak to dogs.

They met in the dojo, and since then, they have been inseperable as friends.

Milton is usually the one correcting Jerry on the things he does, but Milton always ends up giving in to Jerry's plans.

He is known to be a hopeless "ladies man." His signature is yelling out "Whooo! He wants to look like a tough bad-boy, but is loyal and serious when it comes to friendships. Jerry finds himself very charming and handsome and tries to flirt with every girl at school.