And I watched your talk, it was a very good talk I thought. The reason I did that wasn’t because I thought it would make the show better. But it doesn’t matter how facile you are the second time. He had fallen asleep doing a sudoku like 20 minutes earlier and he had thick trails of saliva coming out of his mouth and going all the way down to his chest. Occasionally, the calls would become utterly obscene and then things would really go off the rails. That is what I meant before when I said that I was wary of earnestness. That is how Les Swason from Wisconsin wound up with 3 honey wagons. What came first was the fact that nobody else was doing this. I have lived long enough now to know that it’s possible to distract myself from important things by doing other important things that aren’t just as important. I call it Although I don’t read as much now as I used to. and for those people who are going to get all social justice warrior with me, go to the Castro first… It is sinking.” The historian laughs and says that the church isn’t sinking, but the graveyard around it is exactly what a graveyard is.The vast majority of other presenters probably spent weeks or months agonizing over what they were going to do. I did it because I thought it would make the show more authentic. You know when you consider how many people say it is critically important and then look at the things that people do to put barriers between themselves and the authentic experience they actually want to impart. The second time is always going to be a performance. The people like me, who never really got off the graveyard shift, looked at all of that as a wonderful opportunity to personate David Letterman, which is really all I did. And I think I was just foresaken or left along with nothing to do and decided to go to QVC and that was it. The number of things that could go wrong and the degree to which they did are nothing short of spectacular. My first night on the air, I picked up the Amcor Negative Ion Generator and I looked into the camera and I said, “Look, this is item meant that that thing had been there from day 1. I had never seen it before and I didn’t know what it did. You are watching me sit here about to go up in flames because I have no idea what this thing is. I was utterly alone on stage, say for this product coordinators who would bring me this never ending chain of drek that had failed to sell in primetime. You know, I think it is so easy to serve up a good idea, but then chock on the sacredicity of it; if there is such a word. A former psychologist and guidance consoler is now sucking the shit out of people’s septic tanks, full time. What came second was my own hard-headed commitment to be very good at. But the money, much like alcohol for some people, seems to exaggerate who they were already. Yeah, and I remember being told at one point, “If you can’t be happy with what you have, nothing you ever get will make you happy.” So that observation by Les of bringing passion to what you do, or learning to do that if you don’t have it, seems to be an extremely important lesson to put into practice with whether it’s… It is doing what a graveyard does when a graveyard is filled up. ” He said, “Bill, how long do you think that church has been here?

In those days, at QVC, you know it is not like Fortune 500 companies were lining up, begging to be on as they are today. This was an older piece that just came to mind when you mentioned Bryson’s piece. But honestly the best ones you don’t know their names. I am very lucky because I have used whatever little notoriety I have to just relentlessly leverage my way into that space because I just love doing it so much. He is just, “I can’t read this shit.” Back and forth he goes with the producer. I mean the greatest living director and actor is, at that point in his career where he is doing, you know, gallow. I had a friend who got the license to do phone cards, which at the time (in the early 90’s) were very big in Europe. And what if when you called that 800 number to access the long distance platform, what if you were confronted by a voice, say mine, that said ‘Welcome to the Star Trek Information Platform. To listen to original content from your favorite Star Trek characters, press two.” You press two and you open this world of old time radio where you can take a klingon language lesson. The false dichotomy between the two, where people choose one or the other.

People would go out and do whatever they could to maintain a three or four thousand SKU inventory. People have asked me and I am just going to answer the question here. because I have very specifically recommended the audio book… The really great narrators are utterly anonymous and transparent. She was in the original Mash, named Sally Kellerman. What made her voice so unusual is that it didn’t strike me anyway when I was watching her act. But, it was just one of those voices when it is disembodied and right there on the radio, oh my god. You know he is just consumed with loathing because of it and he is taking all of that angst… I think one day years from now, when people who write books about this stuff look back at celebrity and the cults of personality and just the arc of a career. They never caught here to the degree that everyone thought they would. He had the idea of saying look,”What if you bought $100 of long distance and you put it on a calling card. The blessing and the curse of having a book with title a title like is that people never seem to forget it and that people never seem to forget it.

His transition to television occurred in 1990 when — to settle a bet — he auditioned for the QVC Shopping Channel and was promptly hired after talking about a pencil for nearly eight minutes. My opener, because I was so curious about it, and just remind me before I get into it. We were on an escalator actually heading up to the main auditorium and I heard a voice behind me say, “I want to hear about the testicles.” Which you know, as a rule, is impossible to ignore. So I called PETA and said, “listen, we are going to castrating sheep. What other constraints, or parameters, have you used for yourself in your various projects? It took a day and a half to shoot and it was 30 seconds long.

There, he worked the graveyard shift for three years, until he was ultimately fired for making fun of products and belittling viewers. You should say “hi” to Mike on either, and or, Twitter at @mikeroweworks, or on Facebook at the The Real Mike Rowe. I just want to make sure that we do it right.” What followed was a completely bizarre conversation that ultimately led to the TED talk that I gave. I finally felt like I had a toolbox that would allow to approach it the way that I always wanted to, which was as a mercenary. You’re familiar with the word “freelance” and its origin? I just loved the idea of going to Hollywood without an agent, without a manager, without a publicist, without a lawyer, and booking as much work as I could. That’s a great question, man, because I used to be enamored of the idea that I could do anything I want. If you ask the average person, “Hey, would you like to own your own business? You know, what is good protagonists without an antagonists? It involved a giant centrifuge, hooked up to the bumper of a truck. Now 5 thousand people have shared it and a million people have read it.

This is Tim Ferriss and welcome to another episode of the Tim Ferriss Show. And by a bit I mean two bottles with a friend of Pleiades by Sean Thackrey, which I highly recommend. OK so there is a guy named TED and he is down in Monterey and we need you to go because we are sponsoring his thing and introduce some people and say something smart on behalf of the network. When I walked in, I saw the giant banner hanging from the ceiling. I realized very quickly that I was there in fact to say something something not only memorable, but recordable for posterity… Beyond the spectacle of it, just a great way to connect people to their food because artificial insemination is in fact… For me, as a 32 year old kid out there in the world, it was maybe the best freelance gig I had ever had because they issued a thing called the D3. If you walked up to the gate– this was pre-911, obviously– but if you walked right up to the gate, showed them the D3, the agent takes it, looks at it, her eyebrows go up because she doesn’t see a lot of them, it’s just for the board basically. You know, I am wary of earnestness in and of itself, but I wanted to be authentic.

This show is usually about deconstructing world class experts. Although instead of a chess prodigy, or a military strategist, or an entertainment icon, we have perhaps the best story teller and pitch man I ever had on this show. Oh Jesus, I am with somebody next to me and they are admiring my state of inebriation. you know, it is just humiliating to, like if you can’t skate to find yourself on the ice. That was basically, metaphorically anyway, eight years of my life. I mean we are just not feeding 300 million people, 3 times a day , if we don’t do that. With the spring lambs, you have to take their tails and their testicles. The only way I could do that on the Discovery Channel was as a fan with access.

I said, “Rick, what the hell are you doing.” He said, “I am auditioning for that guy’s job tomorrow. It was elegant in a way that I know you will appreciate as a guy who measures some value of efficiency and effectiveness. But I want you to harness whatever enthusiasm and passion you can muster for this #2 Pencil and do not stop talking until I tell you to.” I learned later that anyone who could do that for 8 minutes was immediately hired and put on a 3 month probationary period, where you were giving enough rope to truly hang yourself from 3-6 AM every morning on live television. You might even leave the viewer with an image of the person mixing the paint to create the exact shade of canary yellow. It was just an endless smear of adverbs and unpronounceable things. Kidding aside, it was probably the most honest channel in the entire cable universe. Mac Donald who lives on the Busted Flush, which is a barge he won in a poker game. When he works, he busy himself recovering that which has been stolen or conned away from people who… So, the Travis Mc Gee mysteries are really adventures that are told through the eyes of this quixotic character whose really a philosopher. There is a color in every title: , Pale Gray for Guilt, Bright Orange for the Shroud, The Lonely Silver Rain, A Tan and Sandy Silence, Cinnamon Skin, Nightmare in Crimson. So Mc Phee has won at least one Pulitzer Prize, maybe 2. He has written an entire book on hand carved canoes. But the fact that he was there, and the fact that Priceline came along on its heals….

QVC is in town and they are having an open cattle call down at the Marriot and I am going to go see if I can get an actual job.” So I sat there, dressed as a viking, drinking National Bohemian Beer, arguing with Rick over the dismiss of western civilization. It was elegance personified by a company who had abjectly failed to create a workable audition process. The home shopping industry is just the part of the map where it says “here be dragons”. Then, of course, you can touch on the application process. There must have been corporate policy frowning on swords at QVC, but of course they got there own channel later on. We had “In the Kitchen with Mike.” We had knives with full tang construction I recall, you know…The metal runs all the way down into the handle. He is a knight errant who, like I said, comes out of retirement to do these quasi good works; he keeps 50 percent of what he recovers of course. But Mac Donald put Mc Gee so far ahead of his time. He’s written Coming Into the Country, which is about the Alaskan wilderness. The pages are rustling and he is getting his copy together. I will never forget watching him make that deal with Priceline and thinking, “Hmm, this will never work.

In fact, thanks to you guys, we issued an arrest warrant for Mike Rowe from the TV show, "Dirty Jobs." Just kidding Mike Rowe!

Keep your eye out for the real robber and keep the tips coming,' police wrote.

The way I just described requires three: Someone to handle the scrotum, someone to handle the rubber band, and someone to control the creature. So I yelled cut, which I never do on Dirty Jobs, and explained to Albert look we have to do it the right way. The point of that talk was really to challenge the primacy of experts. The reason most TV I think looks the same is because we are all doing it the same basic way. And we never go back to quote, unquote pick it up.” I don’t think I am necessarily good at improvising, but I am almost always better at take one. They were this good natured, but slightly dangerous group of people, kind of like a Greek chorus, who would call in and instruct me. A year and a half later, in the course of 1 day, we shot 22 commercials. We have sort of a mutual acquaintance, who I mined for questions that he would like to hear you ask, and one was, “He (meaning Mike) talks about pursuing opportunity and not your passion (what I agree with by the way).” And then there is a follow up to that. What I wanted to do on occasion was to look back and try to gleam some lessons from the dirt. I began to ask myself, “What in the world do these people know that the rest of us don’t.”Regarding passion I started asking around. But I grabbed my laptop before I got out of bed, which is always a mistake, and I hopped over on the Facebooks, and I saw something on the wall and wanted to respond to it. Other times I look back at it and feel terribly clever. I just think there is something really elegant, and maybe indulgent, about finding a different way to say a thing. Do you have any books that you have gifted to other people more than others? I tend to recommend whatever I am reading just because it is obviously, you know, random access memory. He opens the door in his attic and he walks through it. So he is standing on his roof, having walked through a door he didn’t know he had, and he is looking around at the church next to him. So he calls the local historian, brings him up into his house, into the attic, through the magic doorway, and out onto his roof.